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Benton County Talks Trash (BCTT)

Benton County Talks Trash (BCTT)

Report issued april 2023

Accessing Written Public Comments 

Use the link below to access written public comments:

Work Group Information

Various stakeholders participated in the BCTT work group, including eight members of the public to be appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Past Meetings of the Work Group




These subcommittees met independent from the BCTT work group. Please click on a link below to access information for each subcommittee. 

Past Work Group Report Drafts

Other Information

For more information on Oregon Consensus and the third-party facilitation team, please visit the Institute for Conflict Management – Oregon Consensus.

Supporting Documents

Supporting documents are in transition from our old web site.  Please Contact Community Development for assistance.  Thank you for your patience while we update our website to better serve you.

Benton County Solid Waste Assessment Final Report 2022
“Benton County Talks Trash” Workgroup Charter and Bylaws
BCTT 2022-09-08 Agenda (Updated)
BCTT 2022-09-08 Meeting Draft Minutes
BCTT 2022-09-15 Agenda
BCTT 2022-09-15 Meeting Draft Minutes
Republic Landfill Tour MINUTES
BCTT 2022-10-02 Neighborhood Tour Draft Minutes
BCTT 2022-10-06 Working Agenda
Draft Common Understandings – Work Group Report Outline 2022-08-31
BCTT Comments Received as of 2022-09-07 at 11am – Meeting 1
BCTT Workgroup Facilitator’s Initial Observations 2022-09-07
BCTT Workgroup Homework Summary for 2022-09-08 – Meeting 1
Fairgrounds Auditorium Directions
BCTT Meeting #1 Facilitator Presentation
Eklund 2022-09-08 – Common Understandings
Eklund 2022-09-08 – Futures Workshop
Geier 2022-09-03 – History
Geier 2022-09-04 – Site Description
Nietfeld 2022-09-14
Parmigiani 2022-09-03
Pitera 2022-09-06
Whitcombe 2022-09-12
Republic Services 2022-09-14 – Coffin Butte Landfill Fact Sheets
BCTT Meeting #1 Evaluation
BCTT Workgroup Homework Summary for 2022-09-15 – Meeting 2
Draft Report Common Understandings – Table of Contents
Solid Waste Management Plan Table of Contents Review Draft 2022-09-15
Pitera 2022-09-12
BCTT Comments Received as of 9/14/22 at 11am – Meeting 2
Gilbert 9/11/22
Common Understandings Table of Contents TRACK CHANGE INPUT REQUEST
Compliance with Past Land Use Approvals INFORMAL TRIAGING REQUEST
Charge C – Scope SMMP and Possible Amendment
Common Understandings TOC Homework Track Changes 2022-09-29 Draft
Compilation of Compliance with Past Land Use Approvals – Homework 2022-09-30 Draft
Member Benton County Solid Waste Process Group Email Chain
SWMP TOC Homework Track Changes 2022-09-29 Draft
Common Understandings Feedback – Republic 2022-09-30
County Counsel Deference Memo 2022-09-26
Republic Landfill Tour – Member Questions
Republic Landfill Tour 2022-10-06 Comments1
Republic Landfill Tour 2022-10-06 Comments2
Republic Landfill Tour 2022-10-06 Comments3
BCTT Neighborhood Tour Draft Minutes 2022-10-05
Staff Memo – Charge B – Dev Code Provisions
Charge B – Clarifying Requirements for Future CUP
BCTT M2 Evaluation
Neighborhood Tour Member Questions
BCTT 2022-10-06 Meeting Draft Minutes
Common Understandings Feedback (Attachment A) – Republic Services 2022-09-30
Landfill Site Life – Republic Services 2022-09-30
DRAFT Report Common Understandings: Solid Waste History (IV.A.1.A)
DRAFT Report Common Understandings: Landfill Size and Development History (IV.A.1.B)
DRAFT Report Common Understandings: Specific Landfill Locations and Cell Size (IV.A.1.C)
DRAFT Report Common Understandings: Reporting requirements (IV.A.1.E)
DRAFT Report Common Understandings: Assumptions (IV.A.1.F)
DRAFT Report Common Understandings: Economics (IV.A.1.G)
DRAFT Report Common Understandings: Republic Services and Benton County’s Current Rights and Obligations (IV.A.2)
DRAFT Report Common Understandings: Other Entity Rights and Obligations (IV.A.3)
BCTT Tours QA 2022-10-30
Palmer 2022-10-25 – Landfill Liability Article
Fuller – 2022-10-26 – Coffin Butte Landfill “Burn Dump” Clean Closure Work Plan
Rough – 10/28/22 – Landfill Cell Drawing
Geier – 2022-10-06 – Recycle Office Tower Article
Geier – 2022-10-11 – BCTT Neighborhood Tour Questions
Pitera – 2022-10-15 – Suggested Additions to Common Understandings
Gilbert – 2022-10-09 – Landfill Service Life, Size, Capacity, Longevity
Eklund – 2022-10-06 – Common Understandings
Nietfeld – 2022-10-24 – Memo to Subcommittee A1
Gilbert – 2022-10-03 – Relative Path Forward
Pitera – 2022-09-21 – Example Explanatory Cartoon of a Landfill
Deuel – 2022-09-21 – SWAC Work Group Recommendation
Popp – 2022-09-08 – Coffin Butte historical figures over time
Pitera – 2022-09-22 – Coffin Butte Landfill Tour Notes
Geier – 2022-10-02 – Neighborhood Tour Guide
Pitera – 2022-10-04 – Neighborhood Tour Notes
Gilbert – 2022-09-30 – Synchronization of Solid Waste Disposal and Alternative Path Forward
Gilbert – 2022-10-31 – Landfill Service Life, Size, Capacity, Longevity Memo to A.1. for 11/7 Meeting
Fuller – 2022-11-03 – Regional Disposal Site Statutes
Gilbert – 2022-11-06 – Update Draft BCTT Sub-Committee A1 Size Cap Longevity
Legal & Land Use Subcommittee Report Word
Legal & Land Use Subcommittee Report
Legal Issues & Land Use Review subcommittee – master working document v2 (Word)
Legal Issues & Land Use Review subcommittee – master working document v2
Ambiguous Terms and Deference to Local Interpretation
Nietfeld – 2022-11-08 – Information for A.1 Subcommittee meeting of 9 Nov. 2022
Gilbert – 2022-11-10 – Questions for the Open House
Fuller – 2022-11-14 – DEQ Permits for the Coffin Butte Landfill
Workplan – 2022-11-17 Revision
Nietfeld – 2022-11-27 – Landfill CUP Process Suggestions
Popp – 2022-12-08 – Spreadsheets regarding Coffin Butte Waste Stream over time and county contributions
BCTT Draft Workplan – Weekly Gantt Chart – 2022-12-13
BCTT Draft Workplan Calendar – 2022-12-13
BCTT Draft Workplan – Weekly Gantt Chart – 2022-12-20
Key Dates – 2022-12-20
BCTT Workgroup Report – Draft #1 – 2023-01-03 (PDF)
BCTT Workgroup Report – Draft #1 – 2023-01-23 (Word Document)
BCTT Workgroup Report – Draft #3 – 2023-01-25 (PDF)
BCTT Informal Member Survey – 2023-01-12
History Doc 2023-01-31 at 11am
Planning Commissioner’s Informal Discussion Comments on Draft Three – Updated 2023-02-15
SWAC/DSAC Chair Interpretation of Individual Member Feedback on Draft #3
2023-02-08 BCTT Review Meeting Transcript
Geier – BCTT Final Report Draft 3 Feedback (SWAC/DSAC Member Feedback)
BCTT Workplan Calendar Update – 2023-02-19
BCTT Workplan Calendar Update – 2023-03-01
Draft 5 – Without Appendices – 2023-03-15
Kleinman Letter Declining to be on Legal Subcommittee
Draft 6 – With Revisions – 2023-03-21
BCTT Workplan Calendar Update – 2023-03-29
BCTT Final Report – 2023-04-11

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