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Code Amendments

The Benton County Community Development Department is responsible for managing and implementing the Benton County Code Chapters 50 through 100 (aka the Development Code). As needed, the Benton County Board of Commissioners at their own volition or at the request of staff or the Planning Commission may initiate code amendments to the Development Code. This page provides a list of any code amendment processes that have been initiated.

Proposed Code Amendments

The following topics have been identified as being timely candidates for code amendments. All code amendments go through a public hearing process. For the more complex or controversial topics, public meetings may be held prior to the public hearings to encourage discussion and exploration of the topic before the proposed amendments are fully drafted. As determined through discussions with the Planning Commission and the Board of Commissioners, staff research and feedback from the public either at public meetings or at the public hearings, the proposed code amendments may or may not move forward. The Department of Land Conservation and Development also reviews and provides comments on all proposed amendments.

Supporting Documents

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