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Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Program works collaboratively with the residents of Benton County to support a safe and healthy community. The Code Compliance Program works to prevent, detect, investigate, resolve and enforce violations of statutes or ordinances related to public health, safety and welfare, business activities, building standards, and land-use.

Building Code Enforcement

This program researches and investigates complaints about Building Code violations including:

  • Structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical installations, alterations, or repairs without the required permits.
  • Un-permitted conversions of buildings for purposes other than it was originally approved or intended.
  • Occupying a building or structure without an occupancy permit.
  • Building system failures that pose a danger to the occupants of the structure or residents of Benton County. This includes plumbing and electrical hazards, fire damage, and structural damage.

Zoning and Development Code Enforcement

In addition to building code enforcement this program researches and investigates complaints about violations of the Benton County Development Code requirements including:

  • Creating a use which is prohibited.
  • Creating or changing a use which requires a permit.
  • Expanding a use which is non-conforming.
  • Changing to use which is not permitted.
  • Failing to comply with the conditions of a permit.
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