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Solid Waste Advisory Council

The Solid Waste Advisory Council (SWAC) assists the Board of Commissioners in Planning and implementation of solid waste management, pursuant to BCC Chapter 23, the Benton County Solid Waste Management Ordinance. The Council consists of ten (10) membership positions. All members are appointed by the Benton County Board of Commissioners.

Solid Waste Advisory Council Meetings

SWAC meetings are open to the public and meetings typically take place the 4th Wednesday of each month and start at 6:00 pm.  For information on our next meeting, call 541-766-6819.

Solid Waste Advisory Council Members

MemberTerm of Service
Chuck GilbertBegin: 01/01/21 Expire: 12/31/23 (Partial Term)
Deborah GileBegin 01/01/19  Expire 12/31/24
Ken Eklund, ChairBegin 01/01/22 Expire 12/31/24
Marge PoppBegin 01.01.21  Expire 12.31.23 (Partial Term)
Mark YeagerBegin 01.01.21  Expire 12.31.23 (Partial Term)
Brent Pawlowski 
VACANT (Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Member) 
VACANT (Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Member) 
VACANT (Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Member) 

Get Involved

Participation on county boards and commissions involves citizens directly in local government in an impactful way and provides the Board of Commissioners with timely input on important issues. Members of Benton County’s various advisory boards and committees are unpaid volunteers who devote numerous hours of their time to these community activities. In all there are 26 advisory boards, commissions and committees and members may serve up to two consecutive terms. Members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners to fill vacancies, which have set terms.

Supporting Documents
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