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Fact Sheets and other Information

Link to the National Weather Service website for Fire Weather

Information on Pet Evacuation and Pet Friendly Emergency Shelters


Supporting Documents

National Wildfire Coordinating Group: Standards for Mitigation in the Wildland Urban Interface
Firewise Fact Sheets: Coatings
Firewise Fact Sheets: Fencing
Firewise Fact Sheets: Roofs
Firewise Fact Sheets: Crawl Space
Firewise Fact Sheets: Decks
Firewise Fact Sheets: Skylights
Firewise Fact Sheets: Under Eaves
Firewise Fact Sheets: Exterior Sprinklers
Pet Protection Tips
Livestock Protection Tips
Indoor Air Filtration Factsheet
Protecting Children Tips
Poster_ Reducing Wildfire Risks in the Home Ignition Zone
Wildfire Home Assessment and Checklist
Homeowners Checklist: How to make your home fire safe
Firewise Landscaping and Construction Checklist
Ready, Set, Go
Protect Your Property from Wildfire, Pac. NW Ed., IIBHS

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