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Septic Systems

How to Apply

To apply for onsite septic permits you will bring the Onsite Sewage Disposal Permit Application to Community Development on the 2nd floor of the Kalapuya Building located at 4500 SW Research Way, Corvallis. The permit counter gives priority to customers with appointments which are available by scheduling ahead of time from 9:00 to 1:00 please call 541-766-6819 and verify that the counter is open before coming in.

There are many different types of onsite septic permits. The size of your onsite septic system is based on many factors, including the number of bedrooms being served by the onsite septic system and the soils and slopes on the property. If you have questions specifically about septic permits and what type of septic permit to apply for, please contact the Benton County Environmental Health Division at 541-766-6841 or email

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