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Oregon’s “Trail of Tears,”

This event has ended

Presented by Nolan Streitberger

Meeting Location: TBD

This project started with several years of preparation and research, reading through thousands of historical letters, looking over old survey maps from the 1850s, and utilizing satellite imagery from today. Nolan retraced the entire route and was able to locate bygone roads that are no longer in existence while following others that are still here today. He made photographs using an antique wooden view camera and the wet plate collodion photo process from the 1850s and paired them with the journal entries written in the same time period. These landscape photographs illustrate the fraught expedition that Ambrose detailed in his daily journal. The imperfect photos play off the serendipitous technical flaws to create ghostly images that echo the grim history of the past and capture the forgotten and seldom told story of Oregon’s “Trail of Tears.”

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